29/04/2020 21:18:39
Could anyone tell me history of this sail number. Asking for a friend who’s keen to rejoin the class! 

30/04/2020 08:01:38
Chris Martin
Miles James built it himself to his own design.
Ive never seen it, so I cant comment on performance I believe Keith Callaghan has sailed it.

30/04/2020 11:47:23
Some nice information here - 

01/05/2020 18:52:08
Andy 3376
Hi Hamish, Miles built her as per the link above, and she was originally a light persons boat then he did some mods to the hull to make her carry more weight IIRC. I don't think she's been seriously sailed since so possibly unproven. If it's Mr B then it's in his neck of the woods, sure he could ask for a trial sail?! 

Another good woody to consider is the Let it Ride 3553 on Apolloduck for 3K

3376 and 3236 will be at Largo once lockdown ends I think, but open to suggestions! 


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