02/04/2020 13:25:34
So I ask this question already anticipating the response from some that I'll likely receive (Piers Morgan eat your heart out).. Is anyone actually getting out on the water at the moment? Our sport is one that has an element of social distancing built in... we often sail with our direct family as crew (my 10 year old daughter is my crew) and it is a form of exercise.
We've locked down the sailing club i.e. club house etc. and cancelled all events and training and there is some bimbling going on.... but I'm desperate for a blast!

02/04/2020 15:14:53
I've just deleted my rant.
This virus will kill thousands and isn't going anywhere soon. I hope, when it's all over, we will all be able to look at ourselves in the mirror and say that we did what we could and what we should.
Stay healthy and look out for each other.

02/04/2020 15:44:15
No need for a rant..... is this any different from other forms of exercise?....the pavements are crowded, so are the cycle paths; all on the advice of the government. Simply interested in opinions...

02/04/2020 16:36:15
Chris Martin
Its an honest enough question.....
Your enemy under the current restrictions are that 99% of us will have to drive to the club, and this would most certainly not be deemed a necessary journey.
I agree with all your sentiments re cycling and walking, in fact on my last visit to my club immediately before the restrictions were put in place you could not possibly walk or cycle round the lake and maintain distance i've never seen it so busy. But even if you are lucky enough to live within walking distance if you take your boat out, everyone else will want to as well and it all spirals out of control. This is assuming you can get into your club - many are closed by their water boards, and I don't think anyone would even consider going out coastal pottering alone under these circumstances. So it's not a good idea and I don't know of anyone who has been out exercising in their boat.
There is a glimmer of a bright side - I can get the Merlin in for some maintenance. I would think that sailing in some form will be possible sooner than we think, but organised sailing - who knows?
Keep well!

02/04/2020 19:06:00
I would love to go sailing right now.  Weather is amazing. We do sail with partners etc in most cases but if something goes wrong as it can do you are then risking other people’s health.  Be patient.  It is for the greater good. 
Good health to all.

03/04/2020 00:04:47
Why not try a virtual regatta. Here in Brazil the guys are organizing races with notice of race, sailing instructions, notices all being issued via WhatsApp. Fleets are sailing against each other with qualification rounds followed by semis and finals. A large number of people are spectating on line as well.

03/04/2020 23:04:23
Our local harbour authority has requested that leisure sailors do not launch. Presumably all water users from paddle boards to yachts.
As has hamble River authority and many others

04/04/2020 17:34:07
Ian Mackenzie
I think this answers the question better than anything I can say
My niece is a nurse at Wolverhampton. She hasn't seen her 3 year old daughter for the last month to protect her from any risk of infection.
The advice is, "Stay at Home".
Best wishes to all.


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