A video to amus if we are missing going sailing

26/03/2020 21:25:17
Andrew Mills
This is a fantastic bit of video from the team at Looe, the commentary adds to it as well.  A whole variety of ways of capsizing, falling out of the boat and the rig collapsing.  Schadenfreude here we come!  I've probably done all of these over the years
Looe SC best of the last 10 years 

27/03/2020 12:02:20
Tim M
Very funny.  Not much sympathy from the rescue boat tho!

27/03/2020 20:42:09
Andrew Mills
No, the hoots of laughter from the rescue boat just add to it!  The best capsizes are those ones where the gust strikes or the gybe is completed or whatever and everything goes a bit rocky and then you have a few seconds of "will they, won't they" before the inevitable.  I've watched so many of those from that fantastic grandstand in front of Salcombe YC as well as provided the entertainment.


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