Important information about the Dinghy Show.

27/02/2020 09:29:44
To people planning to attend the Dinghy Show this weekend, we have received correspondence from the RYA regarding Coronavirus.

As could be expected, there have been a few enquiries about Coronavirus and the precautions being taking for this weekend’s Dinghy Show.

As Alexandra Palace is in an area where risk to individuals remains low ( ), we do not foresee any need to dramatically change the nature of the show or take any major precautions.

However, there will be hand sanitizers around the show and posters will be in place at all entrance points to advise those who have been to any of the Category 1 countries ( in the last 14 days to not enter the show and to go home as per the current UK Government advice.

The posters will also state that those who have been to the Category 2 countries in the last 14 days should go home if they start to feel any of the associated symptoms.

For any further information (including the list of symptoms), please see the latest Government advice. 
Thank you for your support.


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