Jib sheet shenanigans

14/11/2019 08:56:42
I'm starting to get to grips with Ministry of Pleasure...thanks Rich C for your help so far! ... but still having a couple of niggles... I'll come to the one string rake in a later post but for now this one will seem like quite a simple one I'm sure. MoP has a pole launch system which works well.... but the halyard from pole ends to chute is annoyingly getting in the way of the jib sheet which runs under the two pole lines. I can't rig the sheets over the pole lines as this obviously stops the kite/pole launch... rigging the jib sheet under these lines means either the sheet gets snagged when tacking or in light airs the pole line actually interferes with the jib itself. 
Is this something I just have to put up with.... or have I rigged incorrectly?.... happy to accept dufus status :-)

14/11/2019 15:41:39
Stuart Bates
This depends on how your pole launch system is set up, does the line from the end of the pole get retracted into the pole as you pull the line on the end, or does it exit the outboard end of the pole and go down to the deck?  If it is tensioned inside the pole it could be that the line has got twisted inside the pole, causing it not to release.
Also how does the line connect to the spinnaker sheets, is it tied to the kite, or does it run on rings along the sheet, as this has an effect on how it lies when slack.  If it is on a ring that lets the spinnaker sheet slide through then is there anything restricting how far back the ring can go, as the general set-up has it able to slide back to the shrouds.

14/11/2019 19:11:01
I've been doing a bit of research and it looks like the original launch system was likely the Musketeer system from Shabazzle http://www.bluelightning.co.uk/Merlins/SHABAZZLE%20spi%20pole%20system%202012.pdf
It now looks like the sheaves on the foredeck have been ignored and the puller line from the back-end of each pole goes to the block at boom height on the mast and then through the spinny chute. The original set-up would have had a shock cord retrieval line looped onto the puller line, down through the foredeck at the base of the mast and presumably was attached under the deck.... that's not part of it's current set-up. Should I try and revert back to this or again am I missing something obvious?.....it is the puller line obstructing the jib/jib sheets.

14/11/2019 19:14:01
to add... the shock cord would have tided the puller when the pole wasn't engaged....

14/11/2019 20:08:02
I've a few photos of how mine was set up I can email you a link to a shared folder.

14/11/2019 20:11:36
Thanks! ... that would be great Martin.rouse(at)pzbp.co.uk

15/11/2019 13:36:10
Chris M
Can I suggest you contact Richard and ask him how he rigged it?

I recall there being an initial problem with his musketeer system on ministry and you don’t want to reinvent the wheel!

15/11/2019 14:23:13
Hi thanks Chris... Richard and I have spoken and it seems that the pullers are just in the way and are normally pushed out of the way by the jib/sheets... he bypassed the sheaves on the foredeck and instead took the route through the kite chute which in many ways exaggerates the problem. I'm at the club tomorrow so will have a play.

15/11/2019 16:25:29
Chris Martin
Good stuff.
Some of these systems when retrofitted place loads on the deck structure that it was never intended to take. If you are moving things around be mindful that you might have to add local reinforcement, especially if the fitting in question is taking the full spinnaker pole load!

22/11/2019 09:50:59
All seems to be working well now...no need to change anything and managed to do multiple gybes on a great run down Lake Windermere with the kite in full flight...thanks all


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