New sails

29/09/2019 15:31:14
I’ve just bought a suit from Exe sails that have been used a couple of times on 3774 Panther ... I took a punt that they’d be ok on my older boat 3493 ( carbon spars ) ... should I envisage any issues? The Jib has a wire halyard at the tack (about 4 inches long) ... seems strange?? The mainsail has the normal outhaul eye at the foot but also another one about 3 inches above. Any help would be much appreciated 

29/09/2019 17:41:50
Chris Martin
These sails are almost certainly not going to fit your boat without modification.
The jib will be designed to attach on the bow, not behind the chute. If you just move it back all the sheeting geometry will be wrong. The jib will also be larger than the size permitted on your measurement certificate so you'll be out of class.
 The mainsail will be shorter in the foot than your old one because its designed to work with the larger jib. It might also need a track on the boom. The extra eye on the mainsail is to raise the boom when maximum rake is being used - this is fairly standard.
You could update your boat to make them work, but you'd then need a class measurer to update your certificate.  

29/09/2019 19:47:04
Martin Rouse
Oh dear 

29/09/2019 19:50:56
Martin Rouse
So i’m In the market for a new boat... without going crazy is there anything recommended? My crew is my 10 yr old daughter so we’re 19 stone all in..... but can’t justify £10k 😀

30/09/2019 09:56:22
why not throw them up to see how they look?? the older carbon sticks aren't the same but the rigs controls mean you can get most sails working on the rigs - you just might need to find what works best for the mainsail. I had no issue switching out from a speed to new HD and then to one of ours - on two different rigs - it can mean that you just need to . look at your settings differently.
regarding the jib wire, easiest way is to cut the seizing or shakle at the head slide the sail down and seize it at both ends - you'll be left with 4" at the head instead.
Or.... take it to a friendly sailmaker and ask them to cut the wire down - you need 75 (ish) mm to turn a new wire eye....or switch to SK99 in the luff - we use it as standard on our jibs.
This won't cure having a longer footed sail - you'll have an overlap but you can change the jib on the track? to bring it about right...
Or ask Sam for a swap out?? you never know he has a lot of '2nds' to get rid of 🤑

30/09/2019 12:24:44
Chris M
They physically won’t fit.

The deck line will be all wrong and even if you tack on the bow the jib sheet won’t clear the aft coaming on the foredeck. I went through all this trying to winderise the JT rig for 3787 with a second hand suit if sails (to get it right before committing to a new set). A jib for a Genii will not fit a boat that doesn’t have a flat foredeck I’m afraid :(

I’m sure Exe will have them back and be able to help you with sails that will fit

Boat wise there are a couple of early mk1 winders at good prices....

30/09/2019 14:36:38
Martin Rouse
Thanks really great advice as usual! ... I'll contact Exe

30/09/2019 20:40:00
Chris Martin
Just too clarify:
It's the jib thats the problem. The main will physically fit if its a loose foot or if you have a track on your boom. But it will be too small for a 2.8m jib.

30/09/2019 20:47:53
Martin Rouse
Thanks really great advice as usual! ... I'll contact Exe

12/10/2019 17:35:46
Jon Turner
Christian Birrell has seen this communication and I have just read it. There are a number of ways forward with the sails from Exe depending on the time they were built, I am sure we can arrive at a great end result one way or another.
The 2019 sails will fit on nearly all modern  boats as Christian and I now use exactly the same size jib and Main the only change is the rig sizing 3.12 jib and the main sail reduced accordingly with reduced boom, half and three quarter  widths. this would require a certificate change going through the proper proses if you wish to use this configuration.
Please feel free to call as I am better in conversation  than a keyboard!   07712436745

14/10/2019 20:12:37
Martin Rouse
Thanks Jon.... I'm in the process of buying Ministry of Pleasure from Richard C who quite strangely has just bought 3774 Panther which the sails I bought from Exe have come off and was your boat I think?... what a weird coincidence! Any way do you think they'll fit on the EZ roller?.... I'll give you a call over the next couple of days to discuss. many thanks!


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