Chew Valley ST

21/09/2019 01:35:16
NOR for the Chew Valley ST is now online at:

6 races over 2 days, £30 entry fee, shared event with F15’s and Fireballs. 
12:15 Briefing, 13:00 Race 1 Start

Camper-vans are allowed overnight by prior approval.  

With the HLSC ST cancelled, this is your last chance to get a Restricted ST! 

22/09/2019 20:45:10
When you go into website under open meetings it says  11am start but assume the nor is correct at 1 pm 

22/09/2019 21:19:01
The NOR will be the official race document.

23/09/2019 12:50:40
If you haven't been before, Chew Valley is such a great sailing spot. It's not only gorgeous, but also big enough to feel like you can stretch your legs and restricted enough to feel like proper sailing!
It's also easy to get to from almost everywhere so would be great to see everyone from Birmingham, the South West, Burghfield, Lymington, London and beyond! 

04/10/2019 10:49:35
Long range forecast is looking amazing for Chew Valley silver tiller! has it at 14kts at 13:00 on Saturday and 15kts at 11:00 on Sunday.
£10 for a campervan (must prebook!) or loads of accommodation nearby. 
Cheap bar and 6 races... what more could you want?! 

05/10/2019 18:06:12
What sort of time can you get a boat into dinghy park Friday 
Can u get in ?  

06/10/2019 17:53:44
Can you camp at the club saturday night?

07/10/2019 09:08:27
I'll get back to you on both those points ASAP...!

07/10/2019 10:13:22
Thinking about 3 ISH arrival then we are staying with some friends Friday night.  Not too gd storage for ma ship there 

07/10/2019 10:13:46
Thinking about 3 ISH arrival then we are staying with some friends Friday night.  Not too gd storage for ma ship there 

08/10/2019 06:21:31
Afraid no tents - the lease doesn’t allow it. 

Vans definitely allowed but don’t forget to prebook!

08/10/2019 09:05:08
Good news on the Friday drop off front - one of the Chew committee has offered to be at the club between 1830 and 2000. The gate will be locked outside of these times.

Please contact Bill Chard directly on 07901 826 589 if you wish to make use of this. 

08/10/2019 14:19:47
Thanks for that matt
Will just bring boat Saturday as bit later than was wanting
Don't have him hanging around just for me  

10/10/2019 10:59:22
I was going to say that there is a TV to watch the rugby at the club if you are keen enough to get to Chew early...
...but now the rugby has been cancelled, you don't even need to worry about missing it on the drive to the sailing! 


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