What a wonderful class

03/08/2019 16:38:53
Hi all
Can't wait for the nationals. Sooooo excited 
At a time when sailing is going through tuf times glad to say our membership numbers have  
Cruised past the 500 mark again. 
Well dun everybody  not sure many classes have these fantastic numbers  

13/08/2019 10:39:21
Having sailed at another classes champs this year, I can vouch for the fact they don't Colin. It's not just the superb boat, organisation of the class, and the high quality of sailing, but the strength of the Merlin family ; we had a few problems with our trailer coming back from Cornwall and two Merlin sailors came to our aid straight away despite the late hour and the F9 gale and this is my chance to thank them both.

13/08/2019 13:50:21
We try really hard at Wembley to support and encourage everybody in the fleet. Try to arrange open events where we get a squad of us going but make sure we get a good turnout at the club sailing 
Our WhatsApp group has been a big success matching helms and crews  
We can all do our bit and happy to say going well 


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