Carbon mast for sale.

22/07/2019 22:02:29
I have an Angel carbon mast for sale; it has spreaders and shrouds currently not mounted but might need a jib halliard sheave. Its stiffer than the usual Chipstow or Selden but would be an ideal replacement for someone wanting to upgrade from an aluminium Proctor or Superspar. I bought it when my own carbon mast needed repair but have never actually used it. Its at Shoreham; the Shoreham Open is coming up at the beginning of August so if anybody wants it it could be collected then if not before. Going for £400.

23/07/2019 08:25:44
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Hi Derik

It has all the right bits with it. Spreaders blocks foot, gooseneck.

It’s also recently been stripped and re-lacquered with clear Durepox, looks stunning.


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