Merlin Week 2019 and 2020

21/07/2019 16:48:02

Sincere thanks to all who supported Merlin Week '19 whether as an entrant or patient and long-suffering waiting list applicant. We really appreciate our long association with the Merlin Class.

We have published a list of entry forms received for the 2020 edition. If the number of entries exceeds 120 then we will hold a draw to determine entry, as per the terms of the NOR on the SYC website.

 You can find a list of entrants on the link below. If for any reason you have sent us a form and your name is not listed, please tell us on [email protected] or call me, Graham on 07803290201, directly.
Even if you finished in the top eight, you still need to fill in an entry form to take advantage of your priority placing. Ditto, those who qualify by virtue of SYC membership. Entries to the draw close at 23:59 on 31st July.  
Once again, many thanks for supporting Merlin Week. We really do appreciate it.
Please find a list of draw entrants here:
Best wishes

Merlin Week Team
Salcombe Yacht Club
07803290201 - (Graham).


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