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23/06/2019 16:15:08

Carrera has been under cover in Lymington for a while getting some much deserved and overdue tlc. She's now a bare hull and a couple of boxes of bits but she looks fantastic (thanks, Gareth!)

During her stay in Lymington a few bits seem to have disppeared. I need to aquire a couple of spinnaker poles, but most pressingly she has no covers. The ones she went down with weren't in the best condition but at least they did the job. The boat is now in the dinghy park at her new home at Shoreham SC and I'm keen to get a breathable cover on her newly finished wooden decks asap. I'll be ordering a new set from Creation but in the meantime can anyone lend or sell me an older top cover that would fit a Mk1 Tales?

In addition to the top cover, if anybody has a spare bottom cover, carbon poles or a lifting rudder for a Tales that they'd like to sell - I'm interested!

28/06/2019 23:17:42
Derik Palmer
Undercover sorted via this site's 'For Sale' page. Top cover and carbon poles sorted through the Facebook Classic Merlin Rocket forum.

Wish it was all that easy...


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