HD Sails Midland Circuit Banbury Open

17/06/2019 08:34:30
The Midland Circuit visits Banbury on the 30th June, this is the second chance to gain a non ST result that you require to qualify on the Midland Circuit.
Attendance at this event and subsequent qualification gets you an entry in the HD Sails prize draw for a new gib.
If your planning on attending please indicate below so as the club has an idea of the numbers.

17/06/2019 17:33:30
Chris Martin
we should be there

17/06/2019 23:46:35
Planning to be there

18/06/2019 19:31:22
Paul Hollis
Will be there

23/06/2019 09:28:22
Martin Smith
Just one week away your second chance to gain entry to the HD Sails jib draw and attain the non ST result you require for circuit qualification.
Tea & Coffee included in the entry but bring your own lunch.
See you there?

23/06/2019 21:42:05
Carl Whitehill
Just found a crew

27/06/2019 23:51:09
Martin Smith
Final Pre Salcombe tune up!
3 races 11am first start
£15 includes tea and coffee but bring your own pick nick
You never know it might be a sneak preview of a restricted ST event for 2020 ()
Please do consider joining us 

05/07/2019 14:19:29
Rebecca Baker
Thanks to everyone who turned up for the Banbury open. It was a great day with typical Banbury winds! We had a great time and I hope you all did too.


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