Retro-fitting Centreboard Uphaul/downhaul

14/06/2019 18:46:38
I've finally decided to retro-fit the 'industry standard' Winder centreboard control system to 3616. The only tricky bit is running the take-ups under the side decks as the original blocks under there would have been fitted, I assume, before the decks were stuck on the hull. Has anybody come up with a solution to this problem? One option I'm considering is fixing the blocks to tufnol plates and then epoxying the plates, with blocks attached, under the decks. 
Thanks in advance for any sensible suggestions ;-) 

15/06/2019 07:38:08
Chris Martin
Your solution is exactly the way to do it.
 Plan your block height under the inwhale carefully as if it chafes it wont work as well. The forward block usually needs to be as high as possible, but on a retrofit the clear path will depend on whats there already.

15/06/2019 17:12:24
Cheers, Chris. I couldn't really see any other way, short of drilling through the inner edge of the sidekick and then making good. Would you bother with ball bearing blocks or just use plain bearing ones?

15/06/2019 17:13:09

15/06/2019 20:00:08
Chris Martin
If you've got them use ball bearing, but if you haven't plain are fine.

15/06/2019 20:02:15
Chris Martin
I think it might have been me that did the one string on this boat - if I did you may find the inwhale blocks are already there?

15/06/2019 23:22:55
Now you mention it, I think that might have been what I was told when I bought the boat. Didn't occur to me to look for existing blocks. If they are there...'thanks!'.


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