Old Merlin Rocket

08/06/2019 14:35:37
For a few years now I have had a Merlin Rocket sitting in my barn untouched and I have now decided to do something about it. I was given it in Wales by a gentleman who had it parked next to his woodpile and who was teeing up to add it to the pile.  I took it after promising to make a donation to the RNLI which I did the next day. Long story short I have a boat with no numbers and no identification other than sail numbers. Problem is there are two mains the oldest being 2685 and the newest 3319. What little research I have been about to do is that it might be a Bob Hoare boat , quite  curved foredeck, job tack cut out with an alloy tube below,  flotation box is not full height, ' small fore and aft bum ledges for the crew, two struts under the cutout for the hog stepped mast on the aft end of the foredeck quite beamy and with two self bailers. Any help identifiying it would be much appreciated.

08/06/2019 15:08:04
Chris Rathbone
Usually the proper boat number is carved on either the thwart or on the hog. 

08/06/2019 15:38:55
Chris M
If this is the boat I think it is it was at Midjand for a long time. 2685 would be the number and the owner crewed 3319 before he bought it.

September Girl built by Bob Hoare. All varnished and was in very good order 25 years ago!

12/06/2019 15:49:13
Nick Longhurst
Thanks Chris M - it will be in very good order again soon. Varnish brush is waiting for some better weather. There is some foredeck re glueing to do but all in all the boat is still quite sound. Do you by any either (a) have a tuning guide appropriate to the boat or (b) know someone who might.


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