Ranelagh Silver Tiller - Sunday 2nd June

21/05/2019 10:54:28
Frances Gifford

Hi Everyone,

The Ranelagh Silver Tiller takes place on Sunday 2nd June.  Its a 12.30 start and the long range forecast is excellent.
If you've sailed at Ranelagh before, you'll vouch for how good it is, if you haven't please do come and find out.
The important details:
Ranelagh Sailing Club, Putney Embankment 
12.30 start 
£10 entry fee, including bacon rolls and tea and coffee beforehand, chicken and chorizo cassoulet afterwards.
Parking is free in the side streets on a Sunday
Racing will take place between Putney and Hammersmith bridges in the last couple of hours of the flood, so no depth issues, no bridges to worry about, just good hard racing.
A couple of years ago we had 30 boats so could be a low scoring restricted ST.
Please call me if you need any further details or help finding a crew or helm or boat or £10. 
Ranelagh loves merlins and merlins love Ranelagh.  You will be made extremely welcome. 
Hope to see lots of you there. 

29/05/2019 16:53:57
Frances Gifford

Its this coming Sunday everybody and Ranelagh is ready.

When I wrote the above, I hadn't actually seen a forecast, but now I have and can confirm that it is genuinely excellent.  A south/south westerly of 13 knots, and 24 degrees is perfect at Ranelagh.

I have a habit of over-promoting Ranelagh but if you think you'd like to sail there at some point in your life but not sure if you'll like it, Sunday is the day.  That forecast is very good for Ranelagh.
30 boats attended the Ranelagh ST in 2014 (ish) and there was no wind anywhere in the UK so we didn't race, many of those people haven't been back.  Come back on Sunday!! 
Any questions or requirements at all please give me a call.

03/06/2019 11:48:53
Tim Medcalf MR596
We really enjoyed our first sail at Ranelagh.  Plenty of things to think about for the newcomer and never a dull moment.  Many thanks to the Fran and the wider team for staging the event which included some excellent bacon rolls before sailing and a lunch after.  Based on yesterday's experience, if you haven't sailed at Ranelagh I'd thoroughly recommend it even if only as a pilgrimage to the spiritual home of the class - we will certainly be back next year.

04/06/2019 13:22:10
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