Merlin Week 2020

16/05/2019 10:18:37

Merlin Week 12th -17th July 2020


The link to the 2020 Merlin Week NoR is here.


Key features

  1. The entry process is the same as 2019. Namely a draw, which will be on the 30th August 2019 with entries accepted from the end of this Merlin Week by hand-written or scanned entry form.


  2. Top eight placings in Merlin Week 2019 gain a place if they want it, in Merlin Week 2020.


  3. The criteria to gain an SYC entry to the event is now retrospective.


  4. Those on, or who were unable to accept a place from, the 2019 waiting list plus then are also on the 2020 waiting list, now gain priority on any 2020 waiting list.


  5. You are required to state which Merlin you propose to race. SYC wish to favour those teams who are invested in the class having bought a boat. You can sail a borrowed boat but you have to evidence at the time of entering, that you have found a boat to borrow and you have permission from the owner to race it.


  6. You can enter if you have a boat on order or in build, providing you have a letter from the builder or an RYA sail number allocation.


  7. If you enter and get a place, you must pay the entry fee. If you withdraw from a valid entry without paying the entry fee, you may not enter the 2021 Merlin Week unless reviewed otherwise by the SYC Sailing Committee. The Sailing Committee is a separate committee to the Merlin Week event committee.


  8. The entry fee is held static.  

  9. It remains that a change of helm is a new entry unless accepted otherwise at the discretion of the SYC Sailing Committee.

19/07/2019 12:19:12

Hi, can I ask if there is a link to the 2020 entry form? Searched SYC website and couldn't find it

Thanks, Ross

19/07/2019 15:21:31
Hi Ross,
The entry form is there. Look at the prize winners photo and then you will see details next to it regarding the 2019 Merlin Week. Log in there and if you scroll down to the bottom you will find the 2020 entry form. 


19/07/2019 17:38:20

Thanks Chris. I went to below page and it is not included. Seems there are 2 similar posts and the entry form is only on one of them.


19/07/2019 18:16:30
Chris Martin
should reduce the length of the waiting list 

19/07/2019 20:59:59
John Meadowcroft;%20filename%3d2020+Entry+form+V+2.pdf&AWSAccessKeyId=12AYQSWG53AAJQKVGXR2&Expires=1563566674&Signature=UbEE8SA7WkUlWPq2a2s7hUaJqJY%3D


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