Thames Series 2019 - how many

05/05/2019 18:40:20
Tim M
Hello, I can see three events listed as TS on the fixtures list but old results sheets say that four scores are required to qualify.  Can anyone confirm which events fall in the TS category this year please?

08/05/2019 19:01:45
Tim M
Does anyone know who runs the fixtures list......?

08/05/2019 19:57:40
John Meadowcroft

08/05/2019 20:08:55
I organise the fixtures....... I can see 5, all marked with a ‘T’ under the regional column. 

09/05/2019 08:11:06
Tim M
Hi Oliver, thanks.  I was just looking at the event name.  This is our first year of trying to complete the TS, can you tell me how many results are needed - is it still four?

09/05/2019 08:30:36
Martin Smith
Hi Tim
Sel Shah is the Thames Circuit coordinator you can email him via the link from the committee pages.
Good luck on the Circuit.

09/05/2019 20:15:53
Tim M
Thank you.


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