River Championships 2019

30/04/2019 18:53:36
Hi All,
The programme, NOR, Sailing Instructions etc have now been posted (under Sailing) on the UTSC web site (www.utsc.org.uk). 
Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

14/05/2019 17:40:13
Chris Rathbone
Hi All, 
Just wanted to remind you that the discounted entry for the River Championship ends on Friday.
We have lots planned for your enjoyment on and off the water. 
See you then,

14/05/2019 21:01:24
If you are going to camp for BEW please book online asap to ensure that you get in as Sin City is beginning to get booked up. 

17/05/2019 22:35:27
John Meadowcroft
Late entry fee applies after Sunday night

12 entered already 

18/05/2019 19:51:00
Sarah P
Last day for early booking discount is tomorrow!
And don’t forget that the Paella Night meal on Saturday is included in the all week entry (£64).
Sangria on Saturday, Gin on  Sunday, Dark & Stormies on both!

23/05/2019 15:31:18
Chris Rathbone
Marquee is up and UTSC members working hard to get things sorted for Bourne End Week. 
Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

24/05/2019 19:03:56
I was under the impression the River Championships was 3 days is this the case.

24/05/2019 20:35:06
Chris Rathbone
You are right John. BEW is a generic term. The River Championship is Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


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