31/01/2019 18:59:37
Can anyone give me an idea of how long and how wide a winder centreboard is?
I would like a rough comparison it to the Kevin driver board I have....
Or another way how much longer are the winder board and turner boards are compared to a 2005 board? I think my driver board is 1995!?
Rough length and width will be fine, I guess maximum projected under the hull,...
Thanks in advance...

02/02/2019 14:00:05
Gareth Griffiths
Hi mate

Centre of pivot hole to tip of foil is 1190mm

With forward edge to trailing edge widest section is 405mm

Width athwartships is 25mm at thickest point 

02/02/2019 14:02:36
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
That’s for a winder mark 4 2004 board

Previous wooden Windrose board I had was thicker at warts hips by a couple of mm and a touch longer

I also currently have here a 1990s JT board, similar shape to the earlier winder but is 20mm and slightly longe too.

03/02/2019 11:24:38
Thanks for that.


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