Aspire 2019 National Champs - Looe

04/01/2019 11:13:16
Ian Mackenzie
Happy New Year to everyone.
I am delighted to announce that the Aspire 2019 Champs website IS NOW OPEN. And thanks to Aspire, Looe SC and to all of our associate sponsors for their early confirmation of continued support for us in 2019. Because of this support I am pleased to say that our Social programme is already well developed. I hope you like the look of what we have so far. We are working on more ideas and watch out for the Fancy Dress Questionnaire that will follow later this year. If there is something we have missed or that you would like us to consider, please let us know - [email protected]
We have tried to make the site as simple as possible and laid it out to work on smartphone, tablet or laptop. The site menu is still displayed at the top of the Home page, to show you what's available. At present, the shortcuts will not take you directly to site pages. Please scroll through the site to see all of the info. (We are working on this.)
What can we offer you this year:
   * Loyalty discount for 2018 Champs Competitors
   * Early Entry discounts (Entry and payment before 1 May 2019)
   * Online Entry. Please let us know how/if this works for you
   *Daily prizes, spread throughout the fleet, courtesy of Harken, English Braids and Magic Marine 
   *Creation Covers - Ice Cream Sunday
   *HD Sails - spinnaker auction (details to be published)
   * Winder Ranelagh champagne - for the lucky (skillful) 21
   *Crew massage - from WTF
We look forward to welcoming back all of our 2018 competitors and hope that you will persuade a few more of your fellow sailors to join in the 2019 National's Experience - a champs for everyone.
If you haven't already, please get your accommodation booked. 
Ian and Angela 

04/01/2019 20:38:58
Ian Mackenzie
First 2 entries in - both received online. Many thanks.

05/01/2019 09:18:53
Ian Mackenzie
Hi All. Now up to 3 entries - all received through the online option. Terrific.
One quick note; we now ask for Helm and Crew Date of Birth. Please be aware, Mr Google has forced us to use the US date format - mm/dd/yyyy in his form.
Cheers Ian

28/01/2019 16:25:37
Ian Mackenzie
If you own an older Merlin and have just hopped over from the Salcombe 2020 thread, welcome and thanks.
As you will already have seen, we are now up to 21 entries for Looe this year. Not quite Salcombe entry rate but nevertheless I am delighted with the reponse so far from first-timers, re-entrants and older boats alike.
Only 59 places left!
So what can I say to persuade you, the owners of afficianado Merlins that we can offer you something too. My first suggestion is that you can enjoy some fantastic, peer group Merlin competition and get all the flavour of a Nationals. How so:
We already have entries from 2, 90's Canterbury Tales and I am promised a 3rd.
Both 3555 and 3582, Mk 1 Winders will be at the Champs, with youth helms and, fingers crossed, we may have more teams from the NSSA.
So, already plenty of peer group competition.
Of course, we would like more of you. What will you get :
All the fun of a Nationals start and racing with the main fleet.
Qualification for ALL of the Daily Prizegiving awards  and, who knows; The Buttercup Trophy. Heavyweights Trophy.
If we get 10 plus Bronze Fleet boats older than 3571, we will look at additional glassware/awards.
What you will NOT get is being left out on the water for hours after the "main" fleet or chased up to get back to the start line for a second race without the chance of a break.  The "Whiskey" flag (see the NoR) will be used judiciously so that if your boat speed is off the pace or your tactical choices are unfortunate, you will not spend an extra 40 minutes racing but can come ashore with the whole fleet or reposition in a civilised manner for a second race, You will all get a finish
Enter before 1st May in a boat older than 3571 and you get 9 races plus a Crew's Race and all the fun of a Nationals without running yourselves into the ground or punishing your tender Merlin. All for just £190.
I hope we can see some of you in the dinghy park. 
Come and try us this year. See which peer group you can "Aspire" to and, if response is promising, of course we can look at what we do for Tenby next year. 

27/02/2019 18:10:15
Ian Mackenzie
Just to let you all know, there appears to be a small glitch on the Champs website at the moment.
If you open the site you will get an Error Message displaying along the top line. This does not appear to interfere with the operation of the site and the "Online Entry" link is still working fine.
The team are on the case and I will let you know when we have resolved the problem. 

28/02/2019 15:43:44
Ian Mackenzie
Champ Site error message - update.
I am pleased to say that our world class computer guru, aide-de-camp to Bill Gates and all round good egg (unpaid) has found the problem. We need to update the software! This is happening as I type. In the meantime, you can still use the Champs site (amended NoR uploaded) and you may safely ignore the Error Message displayed at the top of the Home page. I will let you know when the computer jiggery pokery is complete.

28/02/2019 18:23:28
Ian Mackenzie
First - SGC (Senior Gremlin Crusher NOT Stargate Command) has defeated the devious processes within the Champs website and, for now, we are back up and running. Please keep your entries coming in.
Second - to clarify recent questions over spinnaker numbers, please check out the latest version of the Champs NoR.
You can also access the NoR from the Champs website


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