Crew for Salcombe

02/01/2019 11:19:17
I am looking for a crew for Salcombe Week. I am coming from overseas (Brazil) for the regatta and plan to sail a tune up race at Whitstable on the 22nd - 23rd of June before taking the boat to Salcombe from Kent on the 6th of July.

Unfortunately for me but fortunately for my crew, his wife is now expecting a baby in July so he can’t make the regatta.

I have accommodation organized and a place on the entry list. The accommodation has two double rooms so crew can bring a partner if they wish.

I have limited experience sailing Merlin’s but have been sailing dinghies in big fleets for many years so am looking for someone with experience in Merlins who can commit to the Whitstable ST as well as Salcombe week.

Let me know if interested by answering this post or by emailing me on [email protected]



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