Bow tack, yes or no?

17/12/2018 21:54:52
I'm considering upgrading "Bola Bola" by moving the jib tack forward to the bow, as seems to be the fashion.  Having spoken at Salcombe and the champs to the helms who have done this, the response has been positive.  Not so positive from the crews though!   My question is - is it worth it?  

17/12/2018 23:27:30
Stuart Bates 3615
Hi John,
I have been happy with the change to the Bowtack Jib on 3615, certainly feel that we've been on the pace of the quick boats upwind. Done by Phil Scott using an eye in the chute and a strop.
I have found that there is a need to adjust the technique of dropping the spinnaker, by moving it round to the side of the jib that it is rigged on.  My crew hasn't had an issue with the jib (the HD smaller jib) being affected by the move onto the bow.

18/12/2018 09:34:09
Ben 3767
John. We really like it. Using the Jon Turner pump up halyard and large jib has worked really well for us, with nothing but positive comments from the front of the boat...

23/12/2018 21:51:21
Hi John
Matt Biggs did my conversion last spring
I think boat is faster to windward in any wind, but in light is harder to sail with
Doing a kite launch on port reach is harder( have to bear off long way to prevent hoist inside jib),  and with manual ( not launched poles) cannot put pole on before hoisting kite on starboard as can’t pull kite corner around job luff it jams
But I think boat better with forward job tack

01/01/2019 17:12:55
Gareth Griffiths
It would be interesting to see a few posts on the bow rack mods that have been done recently..!

Anyone got anything?

01/01/2019 20:29:35
Hum still wonder if it's just a fad
Boats second and third in nationals had standard set up 

01/01/2019 21:38:15
Gareth Griffiths

I think I count just under half the top fifteen have moved the forestry forward.

Credit where it’s due all the top fifteen are superbly talented sailors, no matter where there forestays are.

11/01/2019 21:19:28
As one top helm pointed out to me last season "We've been through this all before, and everyone moved back in the end"

12/01/2019 13:02:53
stuart gurney
best invention was the parrot perch - lasted at least 3 months

12/01/2019 19:25:34
Chris M
what was a parrot perch?

13/01/2019 01:04:09
You need to dig back into the Jacko period and the ways of the parrot ;) 

13/01/2019 10:13:04
Go on, do tell, what on earth is/was a parrot perch?

13/01/2019 17:52:32
Thought it was little strut at top of job to stop jfib sag

14/01/2019 14:14:28
Further on the parrot perches, a couple of us have been is discussion, and Richard (Davis) believes the first person to sport them in the reasonably modern era was David Robinson. Bow tack, would be interesting if a computer simulation was achieved where you could compare the benefits of the opening of the slot for less restricted flow and so less critical jib adjustment as the boat pitches in waves; against control of shape as the clue is higher up the wider jib, so having a shorter leech and probably giving more tension in the leech. So on balance I do not think it is straightforward, but with two top sail trimming teams of the same strength and weight competing against each other the bow tack may have the nod in the chop. Bigger than that though is the mainsheet jammer. Every time the mainsheet is in the cleat, means you are not adjusting it to maintain the balance of the rig and forward movement, but possibly increasing sideways movement. How many helms would consider sailing without a mainsheet cleat and relying on the ratchet instead? Very fast in skiffs and the like but harder on the forearms and shoulders

14/01/2019 14:47:38
Just as an FYI - parrot perches weren't a Merlin innovation - they've been around a long time!  The 505s tried them (then banned them)back in days of old....FD's used them, which could well be where Dave R got the idea.

16/01/2019 10:22:51
Barnsie, I hardly ever use the mainsheet cleat since it stitched me up at HISC (the year Taxi won) and I do not have a ratchet since the rope jammed in one at an open meeting on the river 8 years ago. I don't see the need for either of these things. How is your mainsheet set up? Do you need a ratchet to help you ? Is your upper body strength fading?


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