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12/12/2018 16:56:02
Hi, where on this site can I find the gear guides for 2017 and 2018?

Kind regards


13/12/2018 17:56:07
Hi Clare 
My take on it hope I have not upset anyone. 

Gear guide 2018


Nearly the entire fleet is made up of Winder FRP boats that ranging from the Mk1 to the present Mike Calvert modifications which I will call the Mk6. All of the races at the nationals this year were won by either a Mk4, 5 or 6 Winder. Close on their heels as normal, is the beautifully built Genii Evolutions By JT, winner last year in the hands of Nick Craig (maybe a lack of on the water time and a change in crew did not quite work out for him this year). The Joker in the pack was the much revamped Jo Richards’ Deadline design, proving a wooden boat can still compete.



Nearly all the fleet are using either JT or Winder foils, both are nice quality and it’s hard to say which does what best as they both perform well. A couple of boats are using gybing boards and I cannot really comment on them, but the fashion of the Hatchet board from a couple of years ago appears to have died out.


We have some really good rigs in the class now and they are perhaps the biggest performance differentials as so many are using the same hulls and foils. Current rigs come from a number of companies and all of them today are High Modulus, giving a better gust response as well as having a very small frontal area that helps to not disturb the air around the luff so much. We still have guys winning with the Chipstow masts, but it would be fair to say that at least one of them has had a fair bit of modification.

JT 45mm OD hand rolled Fibres at 0-90, 6 Kg Rigged

Selden 43mm OD Mandrel wound Fibres 18 degrees,  5.8 Kg Rigged

Paragon 45mm OD Table wound Fibres at 0-90, 5.5 kg Rigged

Supaspar 49.5mm OD Table wound Fibres at 0-90, 5.7 Kg Rigged  



The Results don’t always show it, but HD continues to be by far the market leader in the class, not least because of the great service from Taxi. Exe have done a tremendous amount of work with Christian and Mike this year on different schools of thought; one with the tack forward, and one with it in the traditional position behind the chute. Exe managed to win 7 out of 9 races at the nationals this year, but it must be quantified that this was a home event for both of them with the amount of sailing they had done there before the event. We also have guys using P& B, North, Hyde, Dynamic and more recently, Suffolk sails.


Over the last two years we have seen a trend in the class to move to a bow tack. Started by JT in 2010, most of the class have now moved that way. There are two choices, one to keep your measurement certificate the same and have your 2.7 jib with a shorter luff and a longer Luff perpendicular, or to shorten your Main foot and move to a 3.0 jib. Whether you have any of the three options, your clew should be in the same place relative to the mast.



                   Hull                                     Foils                                                   Rig                              Sails              Tack

1.       1. Winder Mk5                       W board JT Rudder                         JT HM                    Exe               Bow

2.     2.   Winder Mk 4                      Winder C/R                                         Chipstow             P/B                Back

3.      3. Winder Mk 4                      Winder C/R                                         Chipstow             Exe               Back


1.      1. Jo Richards Deadline       Driver C/R                                           Chipstow             HD                  Back

2.      2. Winder Mk4                       Winder C/R                                         Selden HM          HD                  Bow

3.     3.   Winder  Mk5                      Winder C/R                                         Selden HM          HD                  Bow


1.      1.  Winder Mk 4                      Winder C/R                                         Selden HM          HD                   Bow

2.      2.  Winder Mk 4                      Winder C/R                                         Selden HM           HD                  Bow

3.      3.  Genii Evolution                 JT C/R                                                    Paragon HM        HD                  Bow

14/12/2018 08:26:48
Chris Martin
Seems a fair assessment to me John, I don't see why anyone should be offended.
As a class we ought to start doing a better job of this really, its understandably fallen onto the back burner with lots of people using identical boats for many years. Pippa did a guide at the end of the 2017 season based on the Silver Tiller - probably a better indication of what the masses are doing than the championships.  This was published in the magazine.

14/12/2018 08:37:08
Many thanks for that. 
I guess we will keep our current Mk1 for another season and then upgrade....

14/12/2018 13:40:44
I did a gear guide for the 2017 season for the top 10 at the nationals, inlands, salcombe and the ST.  This was on show at the dinghy show.  I will look to do another for the 2018 season, and make them both more widely available.  


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