Blithfied Barrel 2018/19

11/12/2018 21:43:09
Up in the midlands the Blithfield Barrel continues this Sunday - forecast looks great - we had 15 merlins out for round 1, with 14 merlins taking part. £15 per day. Lots of prizes! See you there for round 2? 

12/12/2018 18:57:35
Tim Male
Sorry, I can't count or construct sentences.  14!

09/01/2019 19:39:49
Tim Male
The December round of the Blithfield Barrel was unfortuantley another light wind job, however some hot merlins turned up from afar to challenge the fastest merlins that the midlands could muster. 14 of the 62 boat fleet were merlins and we topped the leaderboard!
This Sunday looks like a different kettle of fish and should be a fantastic blast, plenty of wind and a virtually full reservoir sailing bank to bank. Entry is £15 on the day. races at 12:00 and 14:00 and lots of prizes.

14/01/2019 18:58:12

 spoke too soon, it was too much of a blast, racing abandoned!

07/02/2019 18:12:34
Tim Male
Forecast looking fruiter again for the final round this Sunday.
Entry £15.
Spectating £free
Top 4 are Merlins: Taxi & Pip / Matt & Bekka / Caroline & Tom /  Paul & Paul.
Chris Gould is in 5th, but in an Osprey.


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