15 % off Magic Marine for MROA Members

26/10/2018 09:55:25
Lou Johnson
Our class clothing partner Magic Marine UK & Ireland, is offering MROA members 15% off their range in the run up to Christmas (sorry I know it may be a bit too early for some to mention this!).

To take advantage of this great offer, visit Coastwatersports https://www.coastwatersports.co.uk/magic-marine-shop-19.html and use the code MM15CWS.

28/10/2018 19:28:25
Tim M
I don't think this link is working........

28/10/2018 20:43:50
Tim Male
Fab discount, thanks Lou.
Call me boring but it would be better if people were to their actual names rather than abbreviations, or even worse pseudonyms.

29/10/2018 21:07:00
Lou Johnson
Thank you updating the link. Enjoy the discount! 

It will be great if we (as a class) we can give a bit back to our sponsors.


30/10/2018 19:08:15
Rod & Jo Sceptical,- but now also confused
Call me even more boring, but I can't spot at all in the text the difference between the first link which doesn't work, & the second which does...
This age-related incompetence & confusion is a terrible thing,- as my carers tell me all the time, but your turn will come..... 

31/10/2018 09:15:18
Stuart Bates
When you click on the first link it adds merlinrocket.co.uk to the start of the URL.  The link doesn't show that, but if you move your mouse over the link it usually shows the address at the bottom left of the web page before you click on it.

31/10/2018 13:40:02
Having been the lucky beneficiaries of magic Marine spot prizes at the Silver Tiller dinner, William and I both wore our neck gaiters at the weekend and they are brilliant. I didn't know I needed one, but now wouldn't do without it! Thanks for the sponsorship Magic Marine.
Sophie and William


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