Ranelagh Downriver Race - Thames Series Finale - This Sunday

23/10/2018 10:20:31
Frances Gifford

This Sunday sees the end of the Thames Series with a Downriver race at Ranelagh Sailing Club.

Race start 10.30 (but you get an extra hour in bed so its like 11.30)

Downriver under the bridges
Entry fee £10
Entry fee includes bacon rolls on arrival, tea and coffee and a lovely chilli afterwards
Ranelagh loves merlins so we really do look forward to welcoming as many of you as can possibly make it.
Forecast is excellent with 15 knots from the north so a run down and beat back.
Parking is not an issue for a downriver race.  Parking in the side streets is free but the tide will be higher when you arrive than when you leave so Putney Embankment slope is also fine and free.
Please drop me a text, email or comment here if you're thinking of coming, it does help with the planning.

24/10/2018 17:40:08
Frances Gifford

My phone and email haven't been inundated with messages from people coming to Ranelagh on Sunday.

I can pretty much guarantee that you will be glad you came if you come.  Downriver races are great and the Ranelagh experience is often described as wonderful.  To that extent I will personally refund your £10 entry fee if you haven't had a nice time at the end of the day.

Please come. 


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