Lymington SIlver Tiller Forecast

19/10/2018 10:25:51
Lymington Town Sailing Club is looking forward to welcoming you tomorrow for the final Silver Tiller of 2018 followed by the dinner. The wind gods do not appear to be answering our emails at the moment with less than 5 knots forecast.

This is really a courtesy notice. We will not be launching if there is less than 5 knots average across the course. A decision will not be made until the day, however, we wanted to share with you our intentions, to help you make your decision.

Breakfast is being served in the club from 9 am, and the doughnuts and tea are on standby for the afternoon. The club is looking at alternative water-based activities (so make sure you bring your wetsuit), unfortunately, the sea water baths are empty so there can be no fun on the inflatables.

The sun has been booked, and there’s plenty to do during the day in Lymington should there be no sailing.


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