Free sails on offer

26/09/2018 17:25:16
We’re having a clear out of sails, all or any of which are free to a good home (or bad!). All standard set-up.

2012 - Goacher main and jib - 3685
2013 - Goacher main, jib, spinnaker (red) - 3756
2014 - Goacher main, 2 x jib, spinnaker (blue) - 3756
2015 - Pinnel and Bax spinnaker (red)
2013 - HD sails jib

All have got plenty of life left in them and would relish the opportunity to get some more use - especially the spinnakers, which make lovely bunting. Please save them from this fate.

Based in Worthing but can bring to Parkstone, Lymington or Ranelagh.

Email sophiemackley at

26/09/2018 20:17:28
Chris Martin
Hi Sophie can I nab the 3756 goachers for a young chap whose just bought a boat please?

26/09/2018 21:22:02
No problem Chris. 

26/09/2018 21:32:54
All sails are now off to new homes and will not be cut up for bunting!

Thanks everyone

28/09/2018 00:05:18
Is the 2014 main still available? Please email me 
[email protected]


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