De May and Open Meeting River Series

05/09/2018 22:33:38
Hi all the De May and the River Series seem to be well down on attendance so far this year. It would be a terrible shame to see these great events fold, there are now 4 events left in both events. The river series  still has UTSC, TC, HSC and   Ranelagh SC this season. you only need 4 to qualify so you all still have time, to bring home some great racing stories to your clubs about these events.
The Demay  has UTSC, Goring Sailing Club ( I cant remember the last time this club had a merlin open meeting) TC and Hampton still to come. 
I thought that the  Great Competitive Merlin Clubs on the Thames, were CRSC, UTSC HSC TC and RSC, it has  been a great shame that  members wont travel in force, except for the Salcombe Week  when they seem to have the majority of Merlins on the Thames. Think what would happen if you supported your other local clubs, great events, great racing and fun for all.
UTSC has there event on the 15th and 16th of September , with a Gin and Tonic Party in the evening followed by a proper Roast Dinner, and Sin City for camping, please come and support us for a fun weekend .


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