2018 Nationals Photos

28/08/2018 00:33:46
Nationals photos by Pauline Rook can be found on the nationals website under photos:
I'll add more galleries as they come in.

28/08/2018 06:55:21
Ian Mackenzie
Thanks to Pauline for her work during the week and for reviewing and sending us her shots. These are only small files so, if you see something you like, please contact Pauline and she can let you have a better definition copy.
Please feel free to use these photos but could you ensure that you credit Pauline Rook
If using a higher definition file, please would you make a donation to the RNLI.. 

28/08/2018 06:59:02
Ian Mackenzie
Pauline's web site is here:


30/08/2018 08:29:23
Ian Mackenzie
Some more photos added. Should be more to come. Will post  again when they are available.


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