Shoreham Silver Tiller RE-RUN

01/08/2018 13:05:35

Great news!! After the cancellation of the Shoreham Silver Tiller last weekend, we are delighted to announce that we will be re-running the event as a one day Silver Tiller meeting (agreed by the MROA) on Sunday 12th August. 11.00am start with 3 races back to back.

Come and join us and actually use our fantastic new slipway, you know you'll be in for a warm welcome. Free parking. Revised notice of race to follow.
Anyone wishing to come down Saturday for a tune up/ practise you'll be very welcome free camping if required.
Please let me know if you are thinking of coming just so we know how many rescue crews to allocate. If there a number of takers for Saturday training I'm sure there will be something arranged for the evening on an informal basis.

01/08/2018 14:50:31
Frances Gifford

06/08/2018 11:45:07
Andy Dalby
Brilliant news. Yes we will be coming. Thanks for re-running it. 

06/08/2018 20:46:13
Alex Jones 3627
I'm planning on coming down! 

07/08/2018 07:48:11
Great news Alex, Andy and Fran, sounds like we have lots of other visitors planning to come too.
The Notice of race is now published on the Shoreham SC website.

08/08/2018 08:57:05
Tim Saxton
 I'll be there too!

12/08/2018 21:35:39
‪Thanks to all the visitors who came to the rerun of our Merlin rocket open, and to our wonderful members who made it possible. We had some awesome waves and breeze and very close racing. Well done Sam and Megan‬ on your convincing win.


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