Wanted - Road trailer and mast

31/07/2018 02:54:44
Hello all, I have just become the proud owner of my first Merlin Rocket. However, I need a trailer to collect it. If you don’t have one to sell can I borrow/hire one just to collect the boat and bring her home.

I am also looking to buy an alloy mast to fit a deck stepped Summer Wine. Thank you.

[email protected]

31/07/2018 09:55:31
Colin Brockbank
Dan. Where are you based think we have a mast at wembley

31/07/2018 09:55:55
Alistair Glen
Hi Dan,
A bit more detail may well prompt an offer of assistance.
Where is the boat now?
Does it sit on a trolley?
Where do you need to get the boat to?
When are you thinking of moving the boat?

31/07/2018 11:01:10

Hi Dan,


I have 2 deck stepped Ali Masts here in Maidenhead. You are welcome to come and take one away.
jeremydeacon at sky dot com 

31/07/2018 11:34:44
Thank you all for your posts. I am in Salisbury. The boat is in Essex CM15. I am looking to move back to Salisbury as soon as possible. It is on a launching trolly but sadly no road trailer.
The offer of a mast is very welcome. Thank you very much. Once I can arrange the collection of the boat perhaps I could pop in on the way there/back.
Thank you too for the offer. Just because it is slightly easier for me to get to Maidenhead I will go with Jez's offer. If for any reason there is a problem I will come back to you. Thank you.

31/07/2018 13:31:56

Hi Dan,


No problem. Just drop me a line when you have a plan. They are not going anywhere soon!
0 7 9 5 7 . 5 9 3 1 4 8 

31/07/2018 14:47:00
Sorry everyone. Slight miss-understanding between myself and the vendor but the mast is hogg stepped and not deck stepped.
 Sorry for the confusion but does anyone have a mast they are looking to sell?
Thank you 

01/08/2018 12:11:19
Sorry Dan, Mine are both Deck Stepped.

01/08/2018 23:05:27
Colin Brockbank
Will check the stock at Wembley sunday

06/08/2018 13:01:50
Colin Brockbank
We do have a hog  stepped mast at Wembley 

07/08/2018 03:21:15

That’s amazing. Thank you very much.

My email so we can arrange to collect.

danhawling at hotmail dot com

27/08/2018 11:32:34
peter horscroft
I have a Hogg stepped mast and a trailer sitting in the drive - in  Bradwell Essex - email [email protected]

27/08/2018 17:49:29
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Hi Dan I have an Ali deckstepped mast if you want it.

27/08/2018 20:17:30
Have you found a trailer to borrow yet? I’m just outside of Fordingbridge and the trailer is at Blashford Lake.

28/08/2018 00:27:45
Gareth Griffiths NHRC
Easy to sleeve a deckstepped Ali mast, happy to help show you how

01/09/2018 23:47:09

Planning on collecting this weekend and I would very much like to know if I may be able to take you up on your offer and if you might be so kind as to lend me your trailer.

My email is danhawling at hotmail dot com


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