Champs and Parking

30/07/2018 19:26:26
anyone who has been here before will know that parking can be an issue! Our club car park is strictly for club officials and volunteeers.
Best advice I can give
Get your boat parked as directed
off load your boat and all your spares and tools etc
If you need your vehicle for an hour or two use the carpark to the south (right for those without a compass) of the harbour - free overnight, but dont take any chances.
You can pay for the whole week but expensive
Alternatively go to the top of the hill to Holmbush Car park to the left. You pay £2 per day and you can stack up  for 7 days for £14  I am pretty sure that works, certainly does for a few days. You can come and go all week.
Back to searching through the 60's vynil !!

30/07/2018 21:05:33
hope you've got some jonny cash for the colenel......

12/08/2018 11:18:00
stuart gurney
just reminding you - if the weather is sunny we can have grid lock - so plan please

12/08/2018 17:39:27
Stuart - read on the council website there are places for campervans at Holmbush Car park - do you know if its allowed to stay in your van over night in the car park ?

17/08/2018 08:28:14
stuart gurney
Hi Pete
Not sure - I will go up the hill and check.

17/08/2018 11:07:44
stuart gurney
apparently you cant sleep in the Holmbush Car Park - Hook Farm Camp site maybe?


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