Merlin Week 2019

29/07/2018 17:56:13

In his posts about Lyme, Ian Mackenzie mentioned (wistfully, we thought) that "Merlin Week Frenzy" was now "out of the way". 

In fact, we have to report that "Merlin Week Frenzy" remains in full sway down here in the Merlin Week office.  It is a perennial issue. If anything, it is more frenzied than ever. For, one hundred and seventy three of you have so far, entered the draw for Merlin Week 2019. (We wish we could feel calm about this).
As such, we perhaps hardly need mention that the deadline for the draw ends imminently.
Please review the draw list as published on the SYC website.
If you have submitted an entry form, please check that your name is on the SYC draw list and that we have your helm name correct, being the crucial criteria.
If not, please email us.
Event email: [email protected] 
Best wishes
Graham. SYC  



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