Race your Merlin in Barbados

23/07/2018 07:50:58
the class has been invited by Barbados Yacht Club to hold an event  over there.
So currently we are looking at the possibility of running an event in either October 202 or 2021 as this fall when the weather is good and the hotel rates are sensible also we will try and arrange as near to half term time as possible.
These are some of the details,
Force 3-4 everyday.
Average Water Temp 28c
Average Air temp 31c
Bar on the beach next to Dinghy park. 
We Looking at 5 days racing 2 races a day back to back at lunch time race course is just off the beach.
Beach is pure white sand and one of the best for seeing the turtles. 
6 boats to a container approx. £200-£250 return depending on exchange rate.
Accommodation  depending on what you want but a villa sleeping 6 would be around £600-£700 for around 8 days.
Flights which would be booked with Virgin Barbados have been Between £270-£500 per person  
Entry Fee tbc but will include food and entertainment at the opening and closing ceremonies plus something mid week.
we asked for a show of hands at Salcombe  and had a great response so if anyone is interested just show a response on hear and we can start firming cost plans and get the event up and running.
Many Thanks

23/07/2018 16:21:30
Will & Roge
Count us in - have already started saving!

24/07/2018 10:55:55
Sounds fab! Count us in 

24/07/2018 13:40:49
Olly Turner
How long are the boats in containers for?

The Silver Tiller Series can’t be moved to avoid this which could impact around 6 ST’s, looking at this years fixtures.

24/07/2018 14:43:46
Dave C
Cargo ships take about 10 to 20 days to cross the Atlantic, it depends on the route they take some will call at 2 or 3 ports. This isn't a roll-on roll-off ferry so you would need to have the container a couple of weeks before the ship is due to leave. Also fitting out a 40 foot container to ensure 6 valuable Merlin Rockets arrive in good shape is not a small job, I remember fitting one out to take 8 x Cadets and 2 ribs to Argentina, We had about 10 guys including one boat-builder working flat out all day. Having said that it was a lot of fun and a life-time experience for both the sailors and the support team (ie parents!). 
I presume the entry would have to be in multiples of 6 or whatever the capacity of the contain wold be? I seem to remember the individual cost to container the boats  Argentina in 2009 to  worked out about £1,500 each including all the various insurances, and admin. It would be good to see some example costings. 
Yes we would be interested!

25/07/2018 09:12:15

There is already existing knowhow from the GP fleet and OK fleet that have shipped boats to Barbados. Sailors in those fleets should be able provide some more detail on the costings - my understanding is those costs were very reasonable and the Barbados Yacht Club has good contacts in the shipping industry/provided some form of sponsorship for those events.

You would probably take the hoops out to make packing easier but it can be done easily enough.

On the ST, it's a very good point,  Olly. Could we not compress the ST fixtures (so there are more events between March and August - appreciate that may be tricky logisitcally for some of the fleet) or extend the ST so it includes some dates in late November/December (when the boats are back)? Or amend the rules for one year so you still have to three results from the different categories of water but only one additional event to qualify for the ST? Just some suggestions.
Count me and Stu in.

25/07/2018 10:28:16
Jemma 3704
 Brilliant......so much fun... we want to go there now....soooo excited...

25/07/2018 10:41:04
Olly Turner
Given how condensed the ST is already (comments have already been aired about weekends with double booked ST’s) I don’t see this as being possible without effecting the entire fleet that do the ST series and turnouts for each event.

Are those that don’t go meant to have a 5 week break from the ST?

If we start the series earlier and finish later then that will coincide with winter series that run nationwide, such as the SailJuice series, Chichester Snowflake etc.
I’ve already expressed my opinion about having a winter event in Barbados, not in the Autumn. 

25/07/2018 16:22:48
Paul Hollis
To answer some of the points raised.
1. we are working with the person who organised the GP's and Ok's trip so has all the contacts from Barbados tourist board to the shipping , Virgin Barbados and Yacht club
2. Olly I know what your saying a winter event would be great but that's there summer and high season so prices for accommodation etc go through the roof. the next cheapest time to go would be late May June but that's out of the question as its in the middle of our season.
3.the shipping cost includes insurance while the boat is in the container. to keep cost down we are looking central points for departure ie Dover, Southampton. its 2 weeks each way for shipping. you are able to put anything in the boat as long as its on the manifest but it must come back to the uk even if its in bits. there are no import or export duties. the shipping company will deliver to  and collect containers from the carpark next to the yacht club.
4 racking out for the boats each container would have its own/owners doing that but any building materials bought in baulk. 

26/07/2018 06:34:20
Nick Craig
Great work Paul, this will be an awesome event!
What Paul says sounds too good to be true but it is how it is!  Some of the best sailing in the World with an incredibly reliable thermal wind (which I hopefully haven't just cursed!)
As well as excellent sailing, Barbados is a great place for a family holiday
Perhaps Barbados should be part of the ST  

26/07/2018 07:46:16
I was just logging on to suggest having it as part of the ST, as normal Nick's beaten us all to it.
Only small allowance for the loss of 5 - 6 weeks i know but it is at least some mitigation.

26/07/2018 10:11:52

I'll need to add a Caribbean category to the ST results 

Speaking of which I hope you are all coming to Shoreham this weekend

26/07/2018 20:35:25
I was just logging on to suggest having it as part of the ST, as normal Nick's beaten us all to it.
Only small allowance for the loss of 5 - 6 weeks i know but it is at least some mitigation.

30/08/2018 11:13:37
Only just seen this but went to Barbados for the fireball worlds a few years back and was comfortably the best event EVER!!  Definitely in.

30/08/2018 22:15:49
Very interested ;) Be more comfortable than the Sunfish and Hobbies I have sailed out there :)

31/08/2018 13:49:21
Paul Childs
Would be very, very keen for this! I did the GP's and they were probably my favorite sailing event I have ever done!!

05/09/2018 08:38:37
I'd be keen for carribean trip...
close to half term would be useful in terms of family unity!

08/09/2018 17:56:59
Hi, Lou and I are up for it.

As an aside, I have space and facilities to store and load unload/ containers (s) FOC if required.



22/03/2019 20:51:20
Anything ever happen with this?

25/03/2019 14:24:27
Paul Hollis
Due to the most sensible time to go cost wise was in October there was little support from the committee for one year to reschedule events in October to allow us to have the boats out of the country so as an event we would competing against the Silver Tiller series.
there was talk of inviting other classes to get the numbers required but this was never really explored.
it can be done but we need the support of the |Committee and clubs to reschedule events to make it happen.

25/03/2019 15:57:02
Through our discussions and those previous on this thread; wasn’t it more than a month that the ST would be impacted? 

I gathered it was at least 5 weeks and depending when the arrival date actually is it could effectively be more than 5 weekends. 

This event would actually run in direct competition and have a detrimental impact of the Nationals, ST and winter series events.
Whilst from a MROA perspective, we do not directly support separate winter series events, we do support our own fixtures first and foremost in the whole fleets best interests. 

25/03/2019 18:49:55
Graham Cranford Smith
If it can happen I am in. 

26/03/2019 10:57:08
Matt Greenfield
I'd take a few weeks off the ST to go to Barbados! 

26/03/2019 16:20:37
Jon Cowper
Sounds fun... I'll go if I can afford.

01/04/2019 11:14:23
NIck Craig

 Barbados is awesome, I'm in if dates work!

Ollie makes a good point about the ST, perhaps Barbados could be in the winter?

02/04/2019 22:32:47
Carl Whitehill
So when will we get another chance to sail in Barbados - I'm in 

30/06/2020 16:24:44
Dave C
Is this proposal now completely dead or might there be a possibility of reviving the idea once we get out of this current Covid-19 disaster?

01/07/2020 13:44:24
Paul Hollis
The proposal can be revived but the sticking pionts are the same.
1 October is the best time as the weather is good and before there high season starts so accomadation is resonbly priced (winter is there high season)
2 Boats will be out the country for two weeks prior and two weeks after the event minimum. 
3 With boats out of the country this will have an effect on Silver Tiller numbers which was the main reason the committee would not support it as well as the posible effect on the Champs etc..
Personally I think due to the interest that was shown at the time the idea was first raised (25-30 boats showed interest) it was short sighted of the committee not to try and find ways for the idea to work especially as it would be proberly be a one off event.
If members would like the idea to be re-visited then I sudjest lobbying the committe to support it. I'm happy to be involved again but both Matt (Biggs)and myself put alot of effort in last time for it to go no where and I've got better things to do with my time than go through the same again for it not be supported by the association and all fall apart.

02/07/2020 09:14:06
If you can promise a low Covid 19 infection rate and an ability to enter Barbados I am in . I don't think this is something the Merlin committee need or want to be involved in. I am sure you guys are quite capable of organizing a great event a corana chams in Jan would be an amazing week of sailing. 

02/07/2020 15:53:04
Tom P
I agree - don't think it needs the Committee to support it (although it would be great if they did and there are ways round the issue of the Silver Tiller with some outside the box thinking). You can certainly count on my support, along with others who would love to go and do some racing in Barbados!

21/07/2020 18:48:57
Andy Jones
Paul, I think this is a brilliant idea and would be happy to help out with the organisation.


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