Merlin Rocket 1028

14/07/2018 14:18:27
Start worrying people I have been given the vast majority of Merlin Rocket 1028.Now its not often I admit to not knowing stuff but I have no idea about Merlins. Apart from the RYA is there a source where I could find out who built it and confirm my assumption that it is a Proctor 1X ? In the past the RYA have been useless in tracking down old boats with the standard "We have no record" being the usual response so it would be nice to make contact with someone who is actually interested.Do we know if there are any rig plans or measurements relating to this design?
I have tried the MROA web site but to no avail meaning I cant find what I want although it may be there somewhere
Any help welcomed before I start spending!
Please help.

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15/07/2018 16:15:32
if you are on facebook, join this group

16/07/2018 07:58:40
according to my book which you get if you join the association it is a MkX11 built by Wyche and Coppock in about 1960.


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