No. 1680 - Youtube Update

10/07/2018 12:41:07
Floyd R
Hi all,

As mentioned in my thread regarding vintage rigging, I have just published the latest video review on Youtube here:

under the title of “1964 Merlin Rocket Restoration Update #2”

The Wizard of Oz will be for sale soon, after a lick of varnish and a bit more work on the trailer.


11/07/2018 07:36:37
Tim M
Floyd, interesting videos.  If you're on Facebook then try the Merlin Rocket Revival Fleet group which caters specifically for those breathing life into older Merlins - lots of knowledge there.  Good luck finishing up!

11/07/2018 13:12:24
Floyd R
Thank you Tim.
I don't do Facebook but it's nice to see someone using it for a worthy cause! 


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