Merlin Week 2019 NOR.

22/06/2018 12:55:08

As foreshadowed, we are having a draw for Merlin Week 2019, should the number of entries exceed 120.

The 2019 NOR detailing the entry process is within this SYC news item:

Entry to the draw for Merlin Week 2019 opens on the last day of Merlin Week this year. 10:00hrs Friday 13th July 2018 and closes at 23:59 Monday 30th July 2018. We have picked the key dates as detailed in the NOR, so you have time to book any accommodation for next year; as well as giving us time to organise the draw.
We will make entry forms available at SYC and online, on the 13th July 2018.
We must stress, there is NO disadvantage to those who cannot deliver an entry form in person. A scanned emailed entry will be part of the draw, just the same as a hand delivered entry.
IMPORTANT. To enter the draw and thence compete, the helm must be a FULL or ASSOCIATE member of the MROA on the dates specified in the NOR. Also: New helm, equals new entry.
We have done our best to make the process clear and fair. If you have any feedback please do email us at the event contact which is:
As ever, our sincere thanks for supporting this great week. We do appreciate it.  
Graham Cranford Smith

27/06/2018 14:04:03
Former whitstable pro
Could I suggest that the winner each year is given an automatic entry for the following year so that he can defend his trophy. I suspect this would be acceptable to the majority of Merlin Sailors

27/06/2018 16:42:35
Dave C
The first 8 get an automatic entry as do members of SYC

27/06/2018 18:07:17
Former whitstable pro
 OOPS Hadn't read the NOR

29/06/2018 16:47:18

I personally feel 8 is too many as I don't see why someone should get an entry just because they are a better sailor than me? I feel the top 3 should get an entry and as reward for winning the current holder should get Free Entry!

 Totally get the SYC Members priority but thats a challenge to police for them!

Ballot is totally the way the go though, even if I miss out, although how do I then come 8th??
Tricky business this, glad its not my decission, but well done to those who worked at it. Seems as close to pleasing everyone as your going to get! 

30/06/2018 14:26:47
Olly Turner
I believe the top 8 is being used as they’re the top seeds for the following year (2 for each flight to maintain balance). Hence not top 3, 5, 10 or similar. 

01/07/2018 13:08:53
I guess that makes sense, but only if they want to come again!


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