Midsummer Madness - HD Sail''s Spinnaker Auction

22/06/2018 12:00:13
Ian Mackenzie
Fantastic news and great generosity from Andy and Jim at HD Sails.
In support of the Aspire Merlin Rocket Nationals they have given us a brand new, HD Sails spinnaker to auction.
All proceeds to support the Nationals.
Watch this space for more details shortly.

01/07/2018 11:30:51
Ian Mackenzie
The Auction IS NOW OPEN 
Please check out the link above for full information and, if you see Andy or Jim, please be sure to thank them for their continued and valuable support of the Merlin Rocket Class.
Send your bids to: [email protected]
Auction closes: 31 July 2018 

03/07/2018 16:52:53
Ian Mackenzie
First bid already in.
In the event of two, or more, matching highest bids, the earliest of the bids submitted will win the auction.
Don't delay - bid today

17/07/2018 19:59:31
Ian Mackenzie
Spinnaker worn out at Salcombe?
Downwind performance lacklustre?
It doesn't match your crew's lipstick?
Get your bid in NOW 

21/07/2018 12:45:21
Ian Mackenzie
Only 10 days left to get your bid in

25/07/2018 12:41:43
Ian Mackenzie
One week left - don't miss this chance to bag a brand new spinnaker at a bargain price

27/07/2018 17:52:47
Ian Mackenzie
Pondering your options? You still have a weekend to think about your tactical bid. Might be breezy at Shoreham? Could be lots of bids Monday. Remember, if bids are tied, earliest received bid wins.
This has to be your chance of a brand new spinnaker for a handsome saving.
You have to be in it to win it - don't miss the deadline - midnight 31st July.

30/07/2018 18:06:21
Ian Mackenzie
Last call to remind you of Andy and Jim's generosity.
A brand new spinnaker and ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BID.
What have you got to lose?
Bids close midnight tomorrow night, Tuesday 31st July.
Good luck 

01/08/2018 06:55:34
Ian Mackenzie
And the winner of the HD Madness 2018 Spinnaker Auction is:
Paul Dean of Wembley Sailing Club.
Many thanks to all of the bidders and congratulations to Paul who will be presented with his new spinnaker by Andy Davis at the Aspire Merlin Rocket Nationals.
Also, a huge thank you to Andy and Jim for their generosity and continued support of the Merlin Nationals and, indeed, the Merlin fleet in general.
Please pass on your thanks personally, if you have the chance. And I am sure they would be grateful for your custom in the future.
See you all at Lyme - only 17 days! 


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