Whitstable Silver Tiller 23/24 June - Visitor Boat Parking Arrangements

12/06/2018 17:18:40
Due to rebuilding of the club ramp, the middle compound on Whitstable Harbour West Quay has been made available for Merlin Rocket visitor boat parking on the weekend of 23/24 June 2018.
The West Quay compound will be available from the morning of Friday 22 June 2018. 
When entering the harbour please drive straight on to the West Quay and not left onto the beach to unload your boat.
No car parking is allowed in the compound on the quay.
Camper vans will be allowed to stay within the compound for the weekend. 
The council car park, Gorrell Tank near to the Yacht Club and Harbour is now fully open for car parking following recent repair works.
Launching of boats will be down the council ramp adjacent to the West Quay.
Hope to see you all soon.
Any questions, either drop me an e mail : [email protected] or call 07808026296 or contact the Club Sailing Secretary, Sally Gostelow 01227 272942

21/06/2018 15:37:51
Afternoon Folks, hope you've recovered from the full on blast at HISC. Shame we missed that one after the drift at Brightlingsea, but builds (Josh) and brithdays(me) scuppered us. Think Josh will have been salivating over that one that we missed as we've been hoping for a blast since Aldeburgh
This weekend is the ST at Whitstable and it is looking to be potentially near perfect conditions. Not as windy as HISC, but should be a light gradient breeze (sunny and 22°C) with sea breeze on top on Saturday. So some nice planing downwind. Then Sunday a solid easterly force 3 - 4 currently forecast
So overall looks like it could be two great days of really good sailing. Look forward to seeing a good turnout this weekend complimenting the large WYC contingent
If arriving late moring, migt be worth not coming off at the first big roundabout, but carry on round to Tescos and then follow your satnav to the harbour
Bye for now


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