Hayling Island ST

11/06/2018 15:19:20
Michael Hamilton
Can anyone tell me the start time of the first race next Saturday please? Are there any entry forms & NOR etc?

11/06/2018 15:33:40

HISC Merlin open information:


14/06/2018 16:46:11
Utterly Glamorous conditions laid on for the weekend - really looking forward to welcoming you all to our world. GGG

21/06/2018 17:12:42

I was informed Saturday was held in the harbour, so only Sunday's results count towards the ST (Sea category). I've updated the results as such to use in the ST overall. If anyone notes any issues please let me know. Anyone who sailed on Saturday only entered the event in my mind, so get =21st

https://www.merlinrocket.co.uk/index.asp?selection=Results Detail&eid=3265&

Cheers, Ross 

21/06/2018 20:38:22
Fixtures Man
I’m not sure if Saturdays results need to be excluded as it was tidal and open water as we raced at the top of the tide, not around the cans. I can see both points being valid but maybe the terms need updating for the ST rules?

For instance, Castle Cove is a sea event and intended to be raced in Weymouth Bay but if conditions hold us within Portland Harbour then the committee (led by myself on this) would still count the event as a sea classification as it’s open water and tidal. For this reason, I think Saturday at Hayling should stand. Had we been racing within the confines of an estuary (smaller courses and not Olympic) then I would agree to remove it.

I’d hate for everyone involved to lose a ST result due to a grey area in future.

Thoughts welcome.

Olly Turner 

22/06/2018 10:11:01

Hi Olly

I'll review the rules tonight, but this isn't the first time we've excluded race results for this reason over the past 10 years. Hayling used to have a Sea and Open events over the same weekend, and I'm sure there were occasions the Sea event was cancelled and just raced in harbour.

 Note everyone who entered the event got points, even if they didn't race on Sunday.

22/06/2018 10:24:46
Yes it was the 2014 Hayling Sea open which was raced in harbour. Results were not counted 

22/06/2018 12:03:40
Olly Turner
I know, I was there!
I read the year book last night before posting which is why I think the wording should be changed. “Open Sea” is quite a specific term, I think “Tidal and open water with proper courses” or similar would be better. 
I’ve raced before at the Lymington “Sea” ST and would very much not call that “Open Sea”. It was quite similar to Hayling Harbour, in all honesty; Olympic courses and tidal. 

The fact that everyone got ST points defeats the object as some people did better on Saturday and overall. (I’m actually better off excluding Saturdays results but I don’t think it’s right).

In my opinion I think the classification should stand as something like:

R= Small lakes and estuarys, typically around the cans.
O= Large lakes and estuarys, typically Olympic courses. 
S= Tidal venues, typically Olympic Courses. 

I think if we followed this then it would give race officers more option, give more results for those making the effort to do the events and encourage more people to take part in the ST. 

22/06/2018 12:50:39
Happy for committee to discuss this Olly and provide further guidance. I can't recall if changing the ST rules has to go to AGM.  

22/06/2018 13:07:32
Chris M
Hi chaps

Yes I think we should discuss this, Martin and I had text conversation this morning.

I have some sympathy with the argument for keeping it as the conditions on Saturday were certainly more sea like than would be possible to sail and properly race in than on any of our other O cater catergory events.

However we must beware of unintended consequences!

For this year it’s Sunday only.




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