Wembley push the boat out

17/05/2018 09:31:33
Wembley SC is having its push the boat out event this Sunday 20 the 1- 5 
Anybody fancies a sail in a Merlin come along or newcomers  wanting  a taster
Barbie running and lovely day forecast.   

21/05/2018 14:45:54
Tim Male
Hope the event went well! We also added Merlins into the usual wayfarer mix at our open day and attracted a lot of interest by showing newbies a high performance and responsive boat. All went away with huge smiles wanting to buy one!
It would be great if the class association could get more behind this sort of initiative in the future.

21/05/2018 15:40:10
Never seen so many 'newbies' at a sailing club - Well done Colin & Wembley! - plenty of Merlins out too (& one even got the kite up)

22/05/2018 13:54:37
Tim Male
Same situation at Blithfield, busiest open day ever - the RYA publicity machine did a fantastic job!


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