Vintage open at Fishers Green

11/05/2018 20:30:08
The forecast for tomorrow is for almost zero wind and increasing rain from lunchtime onwards so we are cancelling the Merlin open at Fishers Green SC. We plan to re-schedule the event, the most likely free days being early September.
Such a pity but you cannot fly a spinnaker in 2knots wind! Please pass the word on to any friends who might be coming.

12/05/2018 07:22:24
Ben Marshall
Hi Godfrey, obviously such decisions can only be made pretty late on and I am sure that you have made the right call all being considered. Hope all 'travellers' see the notice - Sel and myself were going to join you. I will get back in touch about possible dates.

22/05/2018 14:18:11
Godfrey Clark
Talking to the vintage wing and checking the overall Merlin calendar, we have decided to re-schedule for Saturday 21st July. Hopefully all those who would have liked to come will be able to, and will enjoy a good days sail with our growing 'heritage' fleet. Could the fixtures-master update the website please.....Thanks


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