Hamble Warming Pan

27/02/2018 12:20:03
Early entry discount finishes tomorrow evening for The Warming Pan.
The entry fee is currently £30 and will rise to £40 after tomorrow. 

Entry link and further info:

27/02/2018 15:37:09
Unfortunately will not be there as it clashes with the B14 Inlands at Rutland, but a great event. Back next year ;)

04/03/2018 16:53:59
Olly Turner
Following discussions that I’ve had with HRSC about their £40 entry fee perhaps being a little steep; they have agreed to lengthen then online pre-entry fee of £30 to be available until the 16th of March.

Here’s a link to the amended NOR:

22/03/2018 09:18:24
Is there somewhere we can leave the boats on friday night? Will the club be open?

22/03/2018 19:54:27
Olly Turner
I suggest you contact the club rep that I have;
Rich Thoroughgood 
[email protected]


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