Builder Boatcraft R Spocton

11/02/2018 11:03:34
Hi all

I’m doin a bit of research regarding 3387. I have a copy of the measurement certificate and I’m trying to identify the builder. 

Does anybody know who boatworks R Spocton is



Oh and is an NSM2. 1987. 

12/02/2018 07:30:48
Mike Liggett
Robert Spolton was a part time builder based in Newark, Notts.  Turned out some lovely boats.

12/02/2018 10:46:29

I think you may find he traded as 'Boatcraft' (in the Nottingham area). I have a Bad Company from that period. Does anyone know if he was connected with Wyche & Coppock who were based nearby and closed down a couple of year previously?

12/02/2018 13:53:23

 He was indeed 'Boatcraft' and Tartan Warrior is a loely boat. I owned it for a while and found it quite quick on the river I was sailing on. The one thing I meant to do adn never did was to cut some bung holes in the transom. Never had any which I always found odd!


Sadly the chap I sold it to sailed it once or twice and left it in the boat park. He then sold it on Ebay for a song with a little work needed. 

12/02/2018 21:18:27
Timothy Rogers
Hi jez,

Yes I picked her up for an absolute bargain price on Ebay. I’ve had to scarf in some sycamore on the gunwale and I’ve stripped the decks back this winter. New two pack going on this week. 

That and some new spinnaker poles and she’s as good as new, I’m really happy with her and looking forward to some nice racing. 

It’s interesting tracing back her life, some more of the pieces fall into place. 

Also rather random but she was built in 1986 but not measure till 1997. No idea why yet. 

12/02/2018 21:34:31
Timothy Rogers
Hi Again,
Jez, did you buy the boat from Colin? he bought her from Mark Smyth. I can't go back before Mark at the moment.

12/02/2018 22:18:57
Hi Tim,
Yes, I did buy her from Colin. Not sure who had her originally.

I think you might find she was remeasured in 1997 or just  wasn’t registered with the RYA for a while. 

14/02/2018 07:23:11
Mike Liggett
Original owner was A. MacGoldrick (a clue to the name!) a member of Bala SC.  He later moved south but no club listed.


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