Tacktick compass on an older boat

29/01/2018 08:34:25
How do people mount tacktick compasses on wooden boats? I'm presuming on the mast is no good as the jib tension runs up and down? So do you make some kind of bracket like the newer winders?


29/01/2018 18:53:44
chris m
Bracket on the king post.

29/01/2018 18:58:11

I have put a picture on Flickr............ search '3571 Tactic Mount'

The plate bolts to a plate that then bolts to the king post just below deck level to avoid getting snagged on sheets etc.

29/01/2018 20:05:12
Thanks! Not sure why I didn't think of that.... I can't remember what blocks and rope for up there as it's only been rigged once but that should work.

And apologies for managing to post 4 times


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