History - 2245 Hobbit

15/01/2018 18:34:34
Hi all,

My brother and I are in the process of restoring Hobbit and was wondering if anyone had any history on her?

On a second note, we have stripped out the hateful rear foam tanks.  They ended up being completely saturated with water, causing damage to transon.  What size bags would we need to replace the foam tanks and does anyone have second hand ones for sale?

Thank you 

21/01/2018 09:43:38
Michael Liggett
Can find little information on this Proctor Mk.9 built by Bob Hoare around 1969.  The original owner was a C F Alsop who lived in Derbyshire.  By 1976 he had moved to Dorset and was member of Parkstone YC.  He was still listed as owner in the 1990s.  But no further records.

21/01/2018 12:40:42
Tim Medcalf
Fen, the people who gave you Hobbit had had her for approximately 25 years (approx 24 of those sitting on the driveway of their house!) so that should complete the timeline.  If you google GRP Proctor 9 I think you will be able to find a couple of references to their being built but little more.  Good luck with her.

24/01/2018 22:07:53
Thank you so much for the all the information.  It's great putting together her history.


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