11/01/2018 20:37:40
Jan Rowsell has agreed that news of Spud should be posted on the forum. He underwent an op to amputate part of a leg below the knee a week or so ago . He is in Exe Ward , Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital , Exeter and recovering well. Last time he was laid up he  enjoyed receiving cards and letters from members of the MROA.

13/01/2018 03:44:15
Peter Frampton
I saw Spud in Exmouth this year, Both he and Jan were in good spirits and extremely proud of daughter Steph and grandsons Guy and Oliver who are all kite world champions. Spud wrote at Christmas to say that he was in danger of losing a leg but as usual he is still Spud and positive. He could probably still win the Champs on one leg.
I wish him a speedy recovery and value his friendship
Love to Spud and Jan 

09/02/2018 11:14:45
I have just had a letter from Spud - he is now back home, minus some of his right leg. He says he is 'progressing slowly' and next week has a first appointment with 'the false leg team'. 

22/02/2018 15:43:39
Former whitstable pro
Visited Spud last week and found him in good spirits but being troubled by a bed sore provided by NHS !
He has a hospital bed by the window overlooking the estuary with plenty of activity going on. He spends Monday Wednesday and Fridays having dialysis in Exeter and is not at his best those evenings . On other days would be pleased to receive phone calls 013952 74727 


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