What makes Merlin Rockets great?

01/01/2018 12:09:40
Please can you help out with something Mervyn is working on for next magazine.
All we need is 3 words for what makes Merlin Rockets such a great boat to sail.
Many thanks,

Ps if we use even one of your words and you come down to Thames Sailing Club on a Tuesday evening, will buy you a drink at the bar!

01/01/2018 13:38:47
Phil A
Refined , Responsive and Resplendent.

01/01/2018 14:50:25
Ian Mackenzie
Merlin Rocket Sailors

02/01/2018 11:38:51
Dave C
Salcombe Merlin Week

02/01/2018 14:58:08
Ben 3767
 Handle Incredibly Well.

02/01/2018 17:05:33
Stradivarius of boats

02/01/2018 17:06:17
Elegant, Sophisticated and Timeless.

02/01/2018 17:12:20
Stradivarius of boats

02/01/2018 22:39:08
Alan 3571
Poise, Performance, Perfection !

03/01/2018 08:35:23
Mike Liggett
Ageless, desirable, beautiful.

03/01/2018 08:35:23
Mike Liggett
Ageless, desirable, beautiful.

03/01/2018 09:51:50
Simply the best

03/01/2018 11:20:11
John Murrell
Simply Beautiful Boats

03/01/2018 14:33:41
Luna Rossa
Coarse Sand Paper

04/01/2018 13:17:51
 Recorded development history

13/01/2018 03:45:56
peter Frampton
Spud Rowsell Boats

14/01/2018 18:56:32
Robert Harris
Fun for life

15/01/2018 08:39:30
The refined balanced handling of the boat which can be sailed across the wind range whether in restricted or open water, competition second to none in the UK, circuit and the people ;)


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