1st merlin

14/12/2017 17:49:39
Looking for a bit of advice on buying a first Merlin.
Currently I have two options
An immaculate Mk1 Winder (Bow dropped)
or a VGC Ovington/Driver epoxy hull wood deck Tales. Newer boat
Is there likely to be much of a performance difference and would they be reasonably competitive with the Mk5's

14/12/2017 18:36:37
Stuart Bates MR3615
In terms of the Winder that will be competitive with the modern boats, even without the bow drop.
3638 was the only hull built by Ovington from the Turner mould, Winders did a lot of work on that mould once they took ownership.  I don't know if the boat had the centreboard moved forwards from the position that it was in the Turner boats to where it is on the Winders, as that was a result of the longer Spinnaker Poles, so may not be as balanced on a tight reach.  It had an easy early life as it was originally owned by an older helm at Hollingworth.

15/12/2017 07:56:34
Chris M
3638 is much older than its number suggests, it was built by Ovington and completed much later. Nice looking boat as I recall.
The thing with the Winder is you've got the same kit as everyone else. A well sailed, updated Mk1 will hold its own even today. 


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